Immersion heaters

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Losing the hot water supply in your home can be really inconvenient, but IDC Electrical Services can help. We have solved hot water problems for thousands of customers in and around St Albans over the years.immersion-heater

Electric water heating in most homes involves an immersion heater mounted in the top or the side of an insulated hot water cylinder. This contains an electric resistance heater and a temperature sensor. It’s not uncommon for immersion heaters to breakdown and this is the most common reason for the loss of hot water supply.

For more than a quarter of a century, IDC Electrical Services has been repairing and replacing immersion heaters in and around St Albans – so we really are the local experts! Our electricians work seven days a week so we can carry out work at a time to suit your convenience, or if it’s an emergency we can attend your home at short notice.

Contact IDC Electrical Services today for an estimate, an emergency call-out or to arrange for a qualified electrician to visit your home or business at your convenience. Call us on 01727 873346 or 07930 545323.

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