Night storage heaters

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Storage heaters and DuoHeat radiators contain clay bricks or other ceramic material, which serves as heat storage. There are electrical heating elements embedded in the material which are automatically switched on overnight – when electricity is cheap – to heat the material to store energy which can then be radiated throughout the day. Storage heaters and DuoHeat radiators are used in conjunction with a two-tariff Economy Seven electricity meter which separately records the electricity used during the off-peak period so that it can be billed at a lower

As compared to gas central heating systems, night storage heaters require next to no maintenance, with a consequent reduction in running costs and increase in longevity and reliability. DuoHeat radiators, developed by British market leader Dimplex, build on the advantages of storage heaters with the application of the latest technology to bring even greater efficiency.

There are various types of storage heaters available on the market, from a variety of manufacturers including Dimplex, Creda, Heatstore, Unidare, Robinson-Willey, Vent-Axia, Stiebel Eltron and Sunhouse, which come with a variety of different features. If any of your night storage heaters have stopped working or lost efficiency, IDC Electrical Services offers a complete repair service – or, if required, we will replace your old heater with a new, up-to-date model.

Contact IDC Electrical Services to discuss your storage heater problem and requirements or to arrange for an electrician to attend your home or office to carry out repairs. We operate a 7 days a week call out or appointments system and can usually attend at short notice on the day of booking if required. Call us on 01727 873346 or 07930 545323.

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